Your Upcoming Stay

We are easy to find from Boise! Head north on Hwy 55, towards McCall, then at Banks turn RIGHT on the Banks Lowman Highway.

From Banks, Idaho turn towards the East along the Banks/Lowman Road and go about 8 miles where you will see the sign that shows the Crouch turn off. Turn left there onto the Middlefork Rd. It is about a mile to the city center. Stay left through town to continue on S. Middlefork Road. You will then be heading in a northerly direction.

To get to Terrace Lakes and your bungalow: go 3.5 miles north of Crouch on S. Middlefork Road where you will see the Terrace Lakes turn off, turn left onto the road that takes you to Terrace Lakes until you reach the golf course and then proceed past the golf course, and stay left when you come to a fork in the road. You will see the tennis courts, clubhouse, restaurant, lounge, geothermal pool on your left. Continue straight up the steep paved road that is Holiday Dr. until you reach the top. Once the pavement ends you will continue straight and be looking for 238 Holiday Dr for Bungalow #2 (on the left) or 229 Holiday Dr for Bungalow #1 (on the right). (UNLESS ITS WINTER AND THERE IS A ONE WAY SIGN – THEN YOU WILL DETOUR – DIRECTIONS TO FOLLOW in section called WINTER DETOUR)…In fact, if it’s icy, take the detour, the “luge” as it’s commonly referred to is brutal!!!

For Bungalow #1: Stay on Holiday where you will see 229 (see image below) above a black mail box on the green single wide trailer with red trim. The door lock may stick a little in the winter when you enter the key code on the pad, so just pull out on the doorknob a little when you attempt to enter the code.

For Bungalow #2: Same as above for Bungalow #1 except you will be looking for 238 Holiday (see image below). 238 is on the left if you are going up the steep paved road. 238 is grey and it has a large covered RV parking area between Holiday Dr and the Bungalow. (see the third image below)

***WINTER DETOUR if the sign is up, instead of going up the steep Holiday Dr., go to the left on Holiday, when you come to a “T” go right on Shadow, when you come to Holiday Dr. again go right, the trailer for 229 (#1) will now be on your left. For 238 (Bungalow #2) you will see this on your right after you pass 229.

See this map to understand the Steep Path and the Winter Path to Bungalows #1 and #2 all labeled below:

Maps of Bungalow 1 and 2
Map from Terrace Lakes Lodge to Bungalows 1 and 2
229 Holiday Drive
229 Holiday Drive (Bungalow #1)
238 Holiday Dr
238 Holiday Drive (Bungalow #2)

Bungalow #2 is next to the large RV parking that you will see on the North side of Holiday

RV Parking at #2
The RV Parking @ Bungalow #2